Role of voluntary organizations in community

Those studies show that gifts are rarely given without engendering an obligation of reciprocity. Method of Data collections were employed through Questionnaire, interview, observation and document. The experiences of CBOs in Kano state differed. Women groups buy garry processing machines; establish sewing institute and poultry farms.

The degree of involvement of the former therefore determines the level of development in any given area. A spouse taking care of a dying partner or a gay man taking care of his lover is seldom regarded as volunteering.

Unlike in Oyo state, the people were receptive to CBOs activities but inadequate government support and economic status of members limited their operations Adejumobi, Especially as it concerns the mobilization of adherents about governmental policies and programmes, religious Role of voluntary organizations in community have helped much by way of disseminating information.

These include the finance and execution of projects, lobbying and nomination of representatives to government offices to air their views and press their needs and developing of human resources against future developmental needs of their immediate communities.

The kind of community development project which are been initiated and executed by voluntary organizations revolves round physical projects such as road construction, bridges, culverts, Role of voluntary organizations in community, hospital, some of these may not be necessarily represent the pressing or felt needs of the rural people.

In addition, many foundations have strictures on providing money to ''single disease entities," aware that such a policy would open them up to entreaties from scores of national health charities.

This development prepared the way for caring for those dying of AIDS. Some assumptions of voluntary organizations to the development activities e. The federal government also designed different programmes that focused on rural and community development in the past few decades.

Such involvement can be in form of financial contributions to CBOs purses. Individuals who are fearful of AIDS may find volunteering a way of coping with and confronting their own fears and mortality.

Along this line, Wahab observed that people in developing nations have until recently looked up to their governments to meet their basic socio-economic demands. Furthermore, community development leaders should be regularly given training in community development skills to equip them for efficient work schedules and ensure proper co-ordination and to prevent excessive wasteful expenditure which is often the case with rural development projects.

Two examples of the latter in San Francisco were protesters' snarling traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge, keeping commuters stranded for hours and disrupting the opening night of the opera season.

They constitute the media for resources mobilization to confront local challenges. These programmes include the national directorate of employment NDEcommunity banks, directorate of foods and rural roads infrastructure, better life for rural women, national poverty alleviation programme NAPEP among others.

Participation therefore embraces the initiators, supporters and the beneficiaries of any given development programme. Social mobilization, argues Ikoiwakin fact, is an essential surgical operation for the removal or virulent tissues of development in a polity.

In addition, the crucial advocacy that has come from CBOs may be absent, leaving the threatened communities without voice in the places of power. In many parts of the country town unions have been known to have built and equipped primary and secondary schools, constructed roads and bridges, built markets, cottage hospitals, civic centers among others.

Earlier, an age-old taboo had precluded the discussion of impending death between patients and their doctors was reflected in the practice of many doctors.

Conclusion Voluntary organizations can play a crucial role in rural development by supplementing Government efforts as they are close to the mind and hearts of the rural people.

In interviews, donors expressed a wide array of reasons for making a donation of blood that would eventually be transfused into a stranger. The volunteer efforts that have been so significant in providing care, support, and education may not emerge in these communities, leaving these activities to already overburdened and sometimes collapsing social and health care agencies.

Above all, the difficulties—social, cultural, and psychological—of moving into, or emerging from, those marginalized and deprived communities where the epidemic is now rapidly spreading, may render the valuable contribution of volunteers futile, precisely where they are most needed.The community-based volunteer organizations that sprang up in high-incidence urban centers such as New York City and San Francisco were in part a response to a lack of sensitivity to the health care needs of gay men and lesbians by mainstream medical establishments.

(vi) Voluntary organisations also help the state in the area which are its exclusive responsibility but for which it has limited sources and perform such functions in much better way as compared to the state organisations. A Voluntary Organization or Volunteers Organization is any organization that uses the human resources of volunteers for achieving its main purpose.

Community participation can be facilitated by the use of voluntary organizations. The Role of Voluntary Organizations in Emergency Management ISa February As a result of this relationship with the community, voluntary organizations are able to incorporate the values, priorities, and spirit of the community in their disaster relief efforts.

Additionally, voluntary organizations are. Role of Voluntary Organizations in Community development in Nigeria Submitted by Ekweruo Chigozie Kenneth.

Voluntary Organisations: Important Objectives and Functions

Bsc. cheri197.comstration & L.G Studies University Of Nigeria Nsukka ABSTRACT Community development entails the provision of infrastructural facilities to the people. Role of Voluntary Organizations in Community Development in Nigeria Role of Voluntary Organizations in Community development in Nigeria Submitted by Ekweruo Chigozie Kenneth.


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Role of voluntary organizations in community
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