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I suppose technically it was Sakuya, but it was mostly Akane really. Obtain friend 59 by choosing "Braking". He might have caught her attention when he forces her door open along with Kotori, and leaves a note on her desk.

Rewrite will be adapting an anime original

Akane refusing to return to the shelter Rewrite akane route walkthrough rich eventually finds Akane at the top of the structure, stating that he'll kill the Key to stop salvation. I think the best thing about the Earth Dragon fight is learning that Kotarou can essentially copy any weapon if he has an image of it.

The Occult Club resurrects Kotarou She is one of the survivors after the near apocalypse, and she grows up along with the other female leads under the care of Touka Nishikujou. During the final fight against giant Sakuya, Kotarou needed fire to break through some of the thicker vines.

If pursuing Akanethe club will be inclined to spend time doing quests and investigating leads. Pure genius if you ask me; I never even thought of the idea, but it fits so well. Meanwhile, Kotarou rushes to the window after hearing a round of popping celebratory sounds, only to see two cars departing and going their separate ways.

He might be prompted to use his powers when things get dangerous. After Kotarou defeats Takasago, Akane begins fulfilling her work as a Holy Woman candidate by meeting people who come to visit her. At one night after being chased by a hound, he meets Shizuru in a ramen shop, and is pulled in to a party with a group of old men.

A side of her hair is tied with a black ribbon. The two then go on an awkward first date, although they eventually end up going to the yen store, much to Kotori's delight.

Rewrite [Chihaya Route]

This gets to the point where they ask her about it, and after vehemently denying being a shut-in, she deliberately has all of them follow her to her "house", which turns out to be a net cafe.

Wonder 5 - "Story of the Stairs" with the hidden circle on the left-hand stairs. Her hair is the same as it is at present. On that one choice, you get a bad end unless you choose "Let It Go". The authority figures at the time persecuted the girl and all of her followers; burning them at the stake.

Akane wakes Kotarou up by punching him and told him to hide in a locker, but eventually reveals Kotarou to Tsukuno, while claiming that nothing had happened between them.

After finshing the Mappie segment, you will automatically send your report on Quest 1: As a child, she wears a blue-black plaid jumper with a ruffled skirt, paired with white collared shirt with gray trim.

Choose "Follow Her" and "Save Her". Complete the quest using the Oct 21st choice.Sep 20,  · Discussion thread for Sakuya’s Chihaya’s arc in Rewrite. Feel free to discuss anything from the route, but mark any comparisons to events outside of his her arc and the common route with the [spoiler] tag.

Her birthday is the 24th of August. Jan 12,  · From Akane's route. Kotarou is pretty boss. The Common Route is the first route a player encounters in the visual novel route branches out towards several routes, and also contains several choices that can be encountered the player.

Depending on the choices picked, the game can lead into one of the heroine routes, or encounter a premature ending. Rewrite Walkthrough. Complete this quest using a choice on Nov 2nd, 5th or 7th, assuming you're on Akane's route. 22) Taste her plate. On October 16th, choose "Go to the Cafeteria".

The other plate-licking scenes are unavoidable, so this is all you need to do. Finish Rewrite, then during the 10/3 Mappie segment click on a new hidden. Nov 15,  · Finally, we get to Akane's route.

Even if I wasn't following a specific route order, I would still have left her for the end. Not because I'm not interested in her - on the contrary I found her character to be the most likeable.

There's just something unique about her. link. Newspaper girl was an important side character in the original Rewrite VN, she just never got a sprite until HF.

Oppai route was glorious, but trying to get everything required without a walkthrough .

Rewrite akane route walkthrough rich
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