Report writing on nutritious drink business

The product will still be a smoothie, however just in cocktail flavours such as Pina Colada, or Woo Woo. For most people, protein drinks are not the only possible source of exposure to heavy metals, but they are an easily avoidable one, since most people can meet their protein needs, help minimize exposure to contaminants, and save money by choosing the right foods.

Only one of the products we tested, Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein, specifies a maximum intake, warning that consumers should not exceed six servings in a hour period. Check this box if you wish to have a copy mailed to you. This should also increase awareness about the product, and lead to repeat sales not only from restaurant but also from supermarket sales.

According to federal health survey data, Americans get an average of 82 grams of protein per day from their diet. Those metals can have toxic effects on several organs in the body. Some ads say that protein supplements, in flavors such as strawberry and vanilla cream, can be a nutritious and time-saving snack or meal replacement.

Innocent is currently seen as a premium brand, by lowering price consumers may not think of it as a premium brand any longer, or Innocent may only be able to sell at the reduced price. The samples of Muscle Milk Chocolate powder we tested contained all four heavy metals, and levels of three metals in the product were among the highest of all in our tests.

However, these tend to cost more than the shelf-stable shakes.

Supplemental nutrition drinks: help or hype?

A BOGOF strategy may help Innocent avoid commoditisation, but is able to offer value for money and reduce the price sensitivity currently being felt within the market place. The older generation has the lowest smoothie usage so this needs to be targeted. Therefore this strategy will drive sales through restaurant chains, but more importantly promote through restaurant chains, and driving sales within out outlets e.

Globally known and respected. Innocent could do this by negotiating an exclusive contact with a restaurant e. But federal regulations do not generally require that protein drinks and other dietary supplements be tested before they are sold to ensure that they are safe, effective, and free of contaminants, as the rules require of prescription drugs.

This strategy would enable Innocent to drive sales of their exclusive product, but at the same time increase awareness of the innocent brand and existing products due to Innocent being prominently displayed throughout the store.

Some protein drinks can even pose health risks, including exposure to potentially harmful heavy metals, if consumed frequently.

Ideally the first few ingredients should be fruit or forms of protein such as milk. Furthermore, market analysis determines the degree of attractiveness of a market and helps healthy hot drinks manufacturers identify the threats and opportunities that may evolve relevant to the weaknesses and strengths of a business.

Whilst market share for Innocent has declined, revenues are up year on year. In Canada, supplements undergo pre-market testing. As Innocent is a ethic and health focused company, being associated with cocktails could potentially damage these associations.

What to look for in a nutrition drink No matter which drink you choose, look at the ingredients.

Can you write a good topic sentence about healthy food?

Those moves are steps in the right direction, but more must be done to ensure that those products are properly evaluated for safety and effectiveness before they are sold to consumers.

She and her colleagues sent a small sampling of protein supplements to be screened at an independent lab. Consuming excess protein through supplements can cause health problems.

Vitaminwater: Delicious and (not) nutritious

The competitors are relatively few with only PJs and own label delivering any material volume into the market. Innocent is currently seen as a premium brand, by lowering price consumers may not think of it as a premium brand any longer, or Innocent may only be able to sell at the reduced price.

Tropicana are small at present but if focused on growth will present themselves as a serious competitor in the segment in the medium term due to their retail reach in the premium juice segment.

Example business report: Innocent Smoothies (First 2009 BA Marketing Essay)

Andrew Shao, senior vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at the Council for Responsible Nutrition, a supplement industry group, says that protein powders and drinks are a safe option for teenagers and even pregnant women.

Concentrations in most products were relatively low, but when taking into account the large serving size suggested, the number of micrograms per day for a few of the products was high compared with most others tested. This will not only drive sales of the exclusive product but also sales of other smoothies and products due to the brand being prominently displayed.

Our experts advise against using the drinks as snacks, but Nelson says if you must, then don't go above calories. Salamon questions the types of vitamins and dietary supplements in the drinks.Kona-Q healthy restaurant business plan executive summary.

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Example business report: Innocent Smoothies (First 2009 BA Marketing Essay)

Start Your Plan. Templates/5(54). the soft drink industry works, outlining the steps involved in producing, Prudential Chair in Business and research director – the Center for urban entrepreneurship & economic development (Cueed), rutgers Business There are many overlapping terms used to describe soft drinks.

In this report, we tried to remain precise and consistent. WebMD Food and Nutrition page: Get health and nutrition information from a variety of doctors. And better yet, it's free advice from a doctor! And better yet, it's free advice from a doctor!

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Likewise, in business, confronted with a request for a ‘report’ to a senior manager, many people struggle to know what to write. Confusion often arises about the. Menu Example business report: Innocent Smoothies (First BA Marketing Essay) 12 December on University.

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Report writing on nutritious drink business
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